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About QNS
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QNS was born out of a longing to support Queer neuropsychologists and their patients and to bring greater diversity awareness to neuropsychology. We are a group of neuropsychologists and other allied brain-health professionals with a commitment to improving access to high quality neuropsychology services to Queer individuals. In addition to serving our Queer patients, we are a group that lifts and celebrates Queer voices and achievements within our field. Please join us as our story evolves. We're stronger together and excited to have you with us.


QNS members are eligible to join the QNS list-serv for consultation, networking, mentorship, and easy updates on relevant information.  

The QNS website provides various resources for clinicians, researchers, and the greater community. These include a directory of Queer-affirming organizations, research updates, and practice guidelines. 

If you are interested in being featured in our directory, please let us know.


QNS sponsors various educational opportunities, including fact-sheets, links to allied organization, and webinars. 

Coming Soon!

The QNS Advocacy Committee monitors and responds to current events impacting local and international Queer communities.   

Coming Soon!
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