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QNS Mentorship Program

QNS launched its first mentorship program in April 2022.  Our Student and Education Committee, led by Dr. Thomas Zurfluh, successfully matched 16 licensed clinical neuropsychologists with mentees ranging from first-year graduate students to postdoctoral fellows.  At the end of the 6-month program, mentees and mentors were given the option to extend their commitment for another 6-month cycle if they wished.  Outcome data was collected after 6-months.  On a 5 point scale, Mentees rated their sense of support as 5, increase in knowledge as 3.25 (where "1" was "minimal" and "5" was "extensive"), connection to resources as 4.5, and positive impact on professional development as 5.  On a 5 point scale, Mentors on average rated rapport as 4.86, matching interests as 4.29, ability to connect mentee with resources 4.43, and desire to participate in future cycles as 4.86.  

Our second Mentorship cycle began in February 2023.  We have 11 dyads in this cycle.

Mentors and mentees co-create the mentorship process. 

Dyads are matched based on needs and interests expressed in the application process.  Some mentees had actionable goals, while others were looking for connection and support from a Queer neuropsychologist.  

We expect to accept applications for the program again in the fall of 2023.  If you are interested in being a mentor, please email Dr. Zurfluh at  Potential mentees, please check back here to apply in August 2023.

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